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[Toradora] This was one of the cutest and most frustrating animes I've ever seen, and I loved it so much! If you love rom-coms, I seriously suggest you look into this one if you haven't already!

Light speed rescue pink. A little saucier than I remember... LOL

It& Matsuri from KyuuKyuu Sentai GoGo V. And some blonde chick from the U. I guess it came out ok. Not so busty like the other ones. They all gonna come out differently.


ahri alternate costume animal ears arm support black hair folded hair fox ears fox tail highres in tree league of legends lips long hair looking at viewer makeup multiple tails parted lips sitting sitting in tree tail thighs tree whisker

Anime Logic ~ Trang tổng hợp nhạc Anime Vietsub

Anime Logic ~ Trang t?ng h?p nh?c Anime Vietsub

Tokyo Ghoul>>> wow same thing goes for Clannad some one should make something like this for Clannad

It hurts when you see people leave. But it hurts more remembering that they promised they wouldn't leave you. :: Kaneki and Touka // TG

Toradora- Taiga The same goes for you, though, Tiaga. Just admit you like Ryuji already.... ugh.

This scene was. intense, the art style looked different too.

Toradora! 5

Book annotation not available for this title. 5 Author: Takemiya, Yuyuko/ Zekkyo (ILT) Publisher: Seven Seas Entertainment Llc Publication Date: Number of Pages: Binding Ty

Tiger vs Dragon

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