Loki helmet

Loki cosplay guide: Helmet by SirLadySketch on deviantART

I wanted to do a quick breakdown of how I made my Loki cosplay, so here it is, in four-part harmony! lol Tunic: Skirt: Cape: Helmet: (you're here) Loki cosplay guide: Helmet

Remember, the horns on Loki's helmet get bigger every movie. Expect him to be dragging his head on the ground if he's in Avengers 2.

I wish Thor wore his helmet in the movies. It is as much a work of art as Loki 's and would really tie the two together even more.

Tom Hiddleston talks about his helmet on the set of, Thor http://pinterest.com/yankeelisa/marvel-s-the-avengers-4/

"Tom Hiddleston talks about his helmet on the set of, Thor" /// I don't know why but I read the last sentence hearing Tom's Loki voice, I literally felt aroused

Oh wow! This Loki helmet looks amazing!

I took the privilege to create a variation of tiaras from the universe comic book Lady Loki Marvel. Really appreciate any expressed views, comments or s. Staf by lady Loki

this is one of the best sites i have come across for photos detailing Loki's clothing in Avengers, thank god i found this!

Loki's helmet in Avengers and Thor. Tom Hiddleston once explained that, as Loki's anger grows, so do the horns on the helm.