#wattpad #fanfiction Highest rank: #5 in Fanfiction                               You are just a child. No, just a baby. And what happens when you, an abandoned baby that two super soldiers just happens to stumble upon, is brought into their busy lives? Well, shit happens. Read as you progressively grow throughout the...

Adopted By The Avengers (XReader) - 38 - Graduation party

When someone tries to cut you off while driving home. There is a Loki gif for everything. This makes me laugh tho, b/c Tom is playing an evil villain, but is a real life prince charming haha! This is hilarious!

This sweet, innocent Loki is painfully gorgeous. (can't stop watching...) I LOVE YOU TOM HIDDLESTON

This sweet, innocent Loki is painfully gorgeous. << I always get a really big pain in my heart.

Add It Up - leftennant - The Avengers (Marvel Movies), Thor (Movies), Marvel Cinematic Universe [Archive of Our Own]

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for all those Loki fangirls... he loves you, too (click for .gif)

49 Reasons Tom Hiddleston Will Ruin You For Life

for all those Loki fangirls... he loves you, too (click for .gif)

Happy Lokiday!!!!! (Glad Lørdag!!!!!) We've explored the possibility (we, here, at The Daily Loki, would argue the LIKELIHOOD) that Laugardagr, the Norse name for the day commonly referred to as Saturday (modern Danish: Lørdag), was actually the day of the week dedicated to Loki. Today we will explore the possibility that the name Saturday may have had associations with Loki as well.  Look at the other pins on this board for more information.

"Loki, smiling maliciously"<--I just melt when I see those crow's feet

{He can ACT! | Why We Love Tom Hiddleston So MucH (GIF)} - :'(

Face That Could Let Tom Get Away With Anything. (gif) <<-- I call it the face that launched the reason we were Loki'd ☺

Very, very strange accessories. | Community Post: 30 Reasons You're Loki From "Thor"

30 Reasons You're Loki From "Thor"

I see this gif and think "Hmm.Loki likes BDSM. Guess I'll give it the ol' college try, just for him.

I realized Frigga was one of the last people that Loki actually cared for and her death broke his heart, a part of him blames himself for it. There's no going back for Loki. I predict that he will slowly go into madness in the next Thor movie...heartbreaking. Tom did an amazing job capturing all of Loki's complexity on screen. I cannot see Loki getting a redemptive ending. He is the god is chaos, fire, destruction...will his ending be the same?

The Ultimate Cure For Depression By Tom Hiddleston

The Ultimate Cure For Depression By Tom Hiddleston I have GOT to remember this the next time I get into a funk!