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Temperatures at the North Pole Could Rise 50 Degrees Above Normal Today

With less than two weeks remaining in 2016, we can say with near-certainty that it’s the hottest year on record (the only thing that could pull 12 months of above-average temperatures down now is if our sun suddenly vanished, and in that case we’ve got bigger problems). And if the north pole is any indicator, freak hot weather isn’t going away. In fact, it seems to be getting freakier.

Magnetic weather maps - I used to love watching for the things come slowly unstuck and drop off behind the presenter.


Weather Forecasting - Pretend to be a weather forecaster by dragging the symbols onto the map of the UK.


This is two lessons combined into one. The first lesson has students working on their weather map and script. The second lesson is where the students present their weather report to the class. I used this second lesson as their speech grade for their third grade requirements. It was really cute to see how each student gave their "weather report". $


Storm Desmond: Malham Cove waterfall flows again amid heavy rain

Malham Cove. The waterfall has not flowed in living memory until recent very heavy rainfall.


Monday Made It!

Weather Preschool: This would be fun to have, and each day have a student be the "weather person" and help change the chart.


Activities on Climate and Weather for Fifth Grade

Fifth Grade Weather Map Activities - learn about weather maps, have classroom weather team/meteorologists - take a field trip to a local TV station or weather station and see and talk to a meteorologist!