Let's see what the local fish wrap has to say about spring cleaning. If news paper is considered fish wrap, then what would the on-line paper be? _________________ (Fill in your answer.) Free Purell Hand Sanitizer for the best answer!

There was an article about my school in the local news paper for chanting "Build That wall" when a Mexican player was making free throws for the other team. http://ift.tt/2kQOExO

Poll: Washington voters split on governor, but want legal pot. LOL. We cant agree on much but apparently we want the MJ.

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SouthPasadenaReview.com is the online publication of the South Pasadena Review News Paper. Local events, breaking news, stories, and what's happening in South Pasadena California.

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"....Jill C. Engle....Traci was my client at the Family Law Clinic I direct at Penn State’s Dickinson School of Law. One of my law students, a graduate fellow, and I represented Traci in divorce proceedings. When Traci’s husband killed her, it sent shock waves through our clinic and reinforced my role as a teacher and an advocate."

The Daily Press, the local news paper in Timmins Ontario

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I remember reading this recipe in the food section of our local news paper when I moved here to PA back in the 70's. I never wrote it down because it is so darn easy I thought I didn't need to. Now this is the only way I'll eat chicken liver's.

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