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Our gold square studs are the perfect earring for any minimalist. Made from solid gold, these studs are simple, small and versatile. Want the layered look? Purchase a single stud here.

L.A.'s Raddest Trend: Constellation Piercings #refinery29  If your first lobe piercing is off-center — maybe because your best friend did it for you in the sixth grade — this triangle shape is a great option. "You can take something that you’re not happy with and give it a brother and sister, becomes something that you’re totally stoked about again,” Thompson says. ...

Betty's L.A. Constellation Piercings Are Way Too Cool For Riverdale

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Would combine well with anything really. - Luxe Fashionably Ideas- New Trends - Luxe Fashionably Ideas- New Trends

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Dear StitchFix Stylist, I have been looking for muted gold stud earrings like this forever. I especially love the triangle. Something small and simple would go a long way in my jewelry collection.