Hunk Day (Bald[ing] Men Edition) - LL Cool J

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Shemar Moore and LL Cool J as Trez and iAm- Black Dagger Brotherhood

LL Cool J. The facts that he has been married for almost 20 years, and is a Republican, just make him even hotter.

my pick for Leanardo LL COOL J - born James Todd Smth Bayshore, Long Island, NY Actor, singer. Love those dimples

LL Cool J (Just watched his Vh1 Behind The Music) He's a nice guy. I like that his wife is petite, because I am too. ;)

10 Famous Faces Tied To The GOP

couldnt decide between the smile or the abs, went with the smile. :)

LL Cool J is a famed rapper and actor who now stars as Sam Hanna on NCIS: Los Angeles. LL Cool J stands for "Ladies Love Cool James.

An African American music artist named LL Cool J. With the best set of lips on a man.

When a transient Jonathan Kirby, broke into the home of LL Cool J, he ended up leaving with a broken nose, ribs, and jaw.

LL Cool J... <3

LL Cool J Reminds me of high school. I need love and I'm going back to Cali.

one of my first hip hop memories think the first song i recollect from him is i'm the typ of guy

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Old school hip-hop - Ladies Life Cool James ★ DiamondB!

LL Cool J, I loved his music in the 80s and he turned out to be a great actor, who knew?

'NCIS: Los Angeles': LL Cool J likes the new guy

Sam Hanna (LL Cool J) in a promotional shot from the second season of NCIS: Los Angeles. He brings great flair and action to the show.

LL Cool J - Rapper, actor, grammy winner, fitness model, author, and savvy businessman...basically one talentad dude!!    He has always made his body his business.

The Wrap-Up Magazine has just released the top 5 hottest photos of famous rapper LL COOL J.

LL Cool J ~ Swag Baby

LL Cool J. Now, here's a long-standing talent. He's a rapper and an actor to boot.

'The Grammy Nominations Concert Live!' 2013: 'NCIS: Los Angeles' LL Cool J is…

Awesome defense skills, a big heart, and a great physique . what's not to like about Sam Hanna? LL Cool J as Special Agent Sam Hanna - NCIS: Los Angeles