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Did LGBT Students Attend Hogwarts? J.K. Rowling's Answer Is Heartwarming

Author of the "Harry Potter" series, JK Rowling, re-tweeted the image above. This indicated to many people that there were other LGBT characters in her fantasy world. | Dumbledore is homosexual and asexual while Charlie Weasley is just asexual

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The Most Clever And Thought-Provoking #YesAllWomen Tweets

On Friday night, a scat-gargling douchecanoe committed a misogyny-fueled spree murder, and women are responding with #YesAllWomen tweets.

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The smallest house. Six foot three inch fisherman, Mr. Jones had to sleep with his feet sticking out of the window.

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beautiful little Jenny Wren - one of the most common but rarely seen birds in the UK

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ANIMAL RIGHTS We need to Lear how to live around them and RESPECT any specie because they belong to this world too, and WE are part of a chain.

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