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You can't download a LIVE musical experience #truth

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Demons - Imagine Dragons currently my favourite song

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A LIVE MUSIC REVOLUTION Live music streaming from bars and venues around the UK and Europe.

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5 Seconds of Summer: 'Not cool enough?... I mean, what is that about?'

Soo, 5SOS are coming here in a few days.... And I could alrwady hear my friend's heart shattering. I didn't get tickets because I don't know most of their songs, but I like their songs on the radio. Guys, comment what your favorite song from them is and I'll give it a listen when I have time! Thanks!

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The Celtic god Dagda played a living harp, as he played the seasons came into order - Spring following Winter, Summer succeeding Spring followed by Autumn. He composed all the sounds of nature, bird songs, the lapping of the waves, sounds of rippling streams, passage of the wind through the leaves, so sweet was the music from the harp that no one could hear and not follow it. The notes became the birds which hover invisibly over young men and women, whispering thoughts of love into their…

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Famous Michael Jackson Quotes - Page 5

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Pop punk! Compare it with the original punk music / fashion.

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Rays of Sun through the trees

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Maknae just wants to play with his hyungs too

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