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Let's see 'em get out of this one. Little Keeper Sleeper. Zipper Back Children's Sleepers!

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Toddler Sleepwear, no more taking off diaper, zippered back pajamas, that are child proof, to stop little escape artists! Little Keeper Sleeper Boys' (Size 2T-12) Long Sleeve Zippered Back Inescapable Pajamas: Clothing

Little Keeper Sleeper Unisex Size 18-24mo-14 Short Sleeve...

I found that special someone I think that she's a keeper She wears a purple onesie everyday She calls it her Footed Purple People Sleeper Inescapable sleepers! Perfect for toddlers and children with special needs who sneak off the jammies!

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Little Keeper Sleeper Baby Long Sleeve With Footies Zippered Back Inescapable Pajamas 18-24mo Turquoise Little Keeper Sleeper