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from BBC Good Food

Chicken Caesar salad

Still on the salads topic I had to include a classic chicken caesar. To cut costs I used half a chicken breast, cut into strips tossed in oil and dry fried. A dressing was made using Jamie's jam jar method and included mayo, lemon juice, dijon, lea and perrins and half a clove of garlic.


"No child in that age should've gone through this much," Lenore decided after the little girl had finished her story. "And you- you've become a killer! It's a wonder you're in your mind..." She hesitated. "And...thanks for not killing me." Kyra grinned evilly. "Better keep watching me anyway, eh?" Lenore blushed. Kyra sighed and muttered, "Suppose I'd have to thank you too for saving my life." She looked up at this northern girl's face. "Now we're even." Lenores face fell. "Even?!"


Shih-tzu little puppy.............. Looks very much like my little rescue, Pippin. Wish I had known him when he was this little, but then he wouldn't have been a rescue.