I literally say this every time someone asks me to look something up on the computer.


Carol Beer is a character in Little Britain. Carol Beer is depicted as a receptionist or clerk.

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vicky pollard - Little Britain.claim to fame 5 children by 6 different fathers!

Little Britain

My favorite Little Britain skit; Sebastian and prime minister

Computer says ‘NO’  the Frenchie Mummy #ablogginggoodtime

Do you remember this sketch in Little Britain where David Walliams plays a very unhelpful receptionist? ‘Computer says no!’ Well, I had one of those moments yesterday. am and Baba needs milk.

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remember little Britain USA?!

les-artiste: “ Matt Lucas As Vicky Pollard & Kate Moss As Katie Pollard In Little Britain, 2006 ”

Little Britain

Little Britain

If youre in the nursing trade.Little Britain brings on a scarily funny feeling of DE JA VU!

This satire of the immigration system from Come Fly with Me

31 Things That Will Make You Laugh If You're British

Funny pictures about British Immigration. Oh, and cool pics about British Immigration. Also, British Immigration photos.

Little Britain

Two "Ladies" :) Florence Rose and Emily Howard, played by Matt Lucas and David Walliams in the show Little Britain