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Polish Apple Pancakes

Polish Genealogy 101 Poland’s long history is fraught with border changes, ethnic strife, and an ongoing quest for autonomy. If you’re among the more than 10 million Americans with Polish roots, we’ll help you find your Polish ancestors by debunking myths, explaining history, and pointing you to the most useful records.


Lithuanian Koldūnai | Meat Dumplings (Recipe). Also known as virtiniai, koldunai are small dumplings similar to ravioli or Polish Pierogi.


Lithuanian creamed mushrooms (grybai) recipe shared by a member of the Lithuanian Music Hall Association in Philadelphia.


Lithuanian Bacon Buns I used to eat these all the time when I was a little girl growing up in Chicago! I actually forgot about these until my parents came to visit and I was baking a lot for the holidays. So glad I found a recipe!


Kugelis, a Lithuainian dish my grandmother used to make. I always though it was called korsha. Lithuanian was her native tongue, so I did not always understand her English. If you like potatos then this is one to try.