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Are You Going To Die?

This reminds me of Hamlet because this is something that really represents Hamlet. In the graveyard he sees the skull of an old friend of his. This is also a bug part because its foreshadowing that everybody dies.


Austrian Mathematician Kurt Godel - WTF fun facts

NASA Space Sounds - Information about the recordings and sample sounds of the planets, moons and rings of planets in our Solar System. [Note: both Song of Earth and Voice of Earth are man made compositions of the original Earth recordings.] For live 24hr sound from space, see:


mid-1820s New Orleans - LaLaurie household: a wealthy, high-class family, but their treatment of slaves was nothing short of despicable. ... 70-year-old woman chained to the stove by her ankle later admitted that she started the fire as a suicide attempt, in order to avoid Madame LaLaurie’s punishments. In the attic, authorities found a dozen maimed and starving slaves... mouths sewn shut, amputated limbs, and victim to other macabre experiments.


10 Spooky Hawaiian Legends

“You cannot help but learn more as you take the world into your hands. Take it up reverently, for it is an old piece of clay, with millions of thumbprints on it.” John Updike


Late Victorian women used arsenic laced “complexion waters” and wafers, and bathed with arsenic soap and shampoo in an effort to improve their skin, make themselves look younger, and increase their attractiveness. Some men took arsenic pills to stimulate their libidos. A notable fact is that arsenic could be bought at the chemist’s by anyone, and it was cheap. Half an ounce – sufficient to murder fifty people – cost only a single cent.


The origin of Friday the 13th being "evil" started with Philip VI of Spain in 1307AD. He borrowed a large sum of money from the Knights Templar to fight England. After losing and to avoid paying it back, he spread rumors of the Knight's apostasy. At the Inquisition, they were tortured them into confessing to blasphemy, then burned them at the stake -- on Friday the 13. From his burning cross the head Knight declared Philip would be joining him, as well as the Pope - both died within a year.


Weirdest Insects - Scorpionfly Mecoptera

10 Vacation Horror Stories - Listverse