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Listverse Creepy

Are You Going To Die?

This reminds me of Hamlet because this is something that really represents Hamlet. In the graveyard he sees the skull of an old friend of his. This is also a bug part because its foreshadowing that everybody dies.


In Pictures: gas mask gallery

World War 2: Three Airedale dogs wearing their special gas masks at a Surrey kennel. They are being trained by Lt Col E. H. Richardson. 1939.


I hope I don't garner a visit from the MIB after pinning this.......10 Creepy Stories Of Encounters With Men In Black - Listverse


NASA Space Sounds - Information about the recordings and sample sounds of the planets, moons and rings of planets in our Solar System. [Note: both Song of Earth and Voice of Earth are man made compositions of the original Earth recordings.] For live 24hr sound from space, see: