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The-UKs-Most-Haunted-Locations.jpg 800×3,197 pixels

The-UKs-Most-Haunted-Locations.jpg 800×3,197 pixels

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A Wrinkle in Time is a delicious blend of fantasy and science fiction. This award-winning children’s book features paintings by Sam Richwood and is introduced by Meg Rosoff.

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Ghost Ship? Entire crew found dead on board with open eyes - outstretched arms and look of horror on their faces. Even the ship's dog found dead - a snarl still on its lips.

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Best Holiday Movies of all Time; a Purely Subjective List

Vera-Ellen - Her legs were insured at one point in her life. And if you have ever seen White Christmas you will understand why. That woman could DANCE.

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The Origins of the 13 Most Common Superstitions

Common Superstitions | 13 Famous Superstition Origins

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Eazy E.. When phones had cords lol. Is he rolling on Ice Cube or a pic of himself?

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The year is 1924, the place, Saubure, a small European country neatly tucked beside the Alps... The story centers on Kazuya Kujo, who is a Japaneses transfer student to St. Marguerite Academy, where urban legends and horror stories are all the rage. There he meets Victorique, a mysterious yet beautiful and brilliant girl who never comes to class and spends her days reading the entire contents of the library or solving mysteries that even detectives can't solve.

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Phyllis Hyman began her career as a silky voiced, jazz-influenced singer and gradually moved into slick, heavily produced urban contemporary ballads and light dance numbers. My list of Greatest Hits from Phyllis Hyman, Old Friend, Why Not Me, Under Your Spell!

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pictures of mythical goddesses | One Witch's Wonderland: For your BOS: African Gods & Goddesses List

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