List of Opposite Adjectives Vocabulary list by Opposites (or Antonyms) List of Common Adverbs Adjectives by Category Adjectives – Flashcard big, small blunt, sharp cheap, expensive clean, dirty difficult, easy empty, full fast, slow fat, thin front, back good, bad hart, soft heavy, light here, there high, low hot, cold left, right light, dark long, …

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'Hygge' is the Danish concept of "winter coziness." If you want to actually enjoy Winter, click through for 29 cozy-fying, awesome ideas! //

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Has your class had the funeral for said, went, big, and small yet? This is a great list of better synonyms for those words.

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This pask has 52 flashcards of opposites (antonyms) to learn vocabulary and play. A total of 40 concepts.Just print, cut and laminate. In the next page youll find the complete list of words you have purchased.Each card has a dotted line down the middle so you can fold it and have a double sided flashcard to play with.Or if you preferYou can cut down the middle and have them find pairs of opposite words or play memory.-Above/Below-Front/Back-Big/Small-White/Black-Clean/Dirty-Open/Closed…

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