This Dog Phteven kills me...LOL. Poor thing

Tuna the Underdog with an Overbite Hits the Road to Lend a Paw

Funny pictures about Thquirrel! Oh, and cool pics about Thquirrel! Also, Thquirrel!

Happy Hour Humor 13 | Hampton Roads Happy Hour - g.3.5, 8.5

For the lovely individuals who appreciate the hilarity in SomeEcards.

How did we originally come up with the idea of language? Because it seems it all sucks.

How did we originally come up with the idea of language<<<*claps slowly* . It's quipped.--three cheers for irony!

Don't make fun of a big man with a lisp. He's probably thick and tired of it.

Haha this is so true! Anth is one of few people I will actually talk to. I HATE talking on the phone.

Turns out Phteven is quite the dapper fellow - Imgur

This is what SWAG is all about…Look, It's Phteven, all dressed up :) LMAO! I can not look at Phteven and not burst out in laughter! I LOVE IT!