Lisa Milroy

Lauren Coady: Artist: Lisa Milroy Black monoprint onto white and then placed onto cardboard

Lisa Milroy - Fruit and Vegetables, 1999

Lisa Milroy - food I chose this image because I like the colours and the way she drew loads of food. It connects with my work because I want to draw different pieces of food in the same work/ 1999

lisa milroy - shoes

Artist of the week 56: Lisa Milroy

Sir John Lawes Art Faculty: Similarities and or Differences Lisa Milroy Collections


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Lisa Milroy colections of objects and values

Lisa Milroy Milroy is a contemporary still life painter known for painting everyday items such as clothes, shoes and vases in the form .

Lisa Milroy 'Books' Oil on canvas 76x112in

Lisa Milroy Books, 1991 oil on canvas 76 x 112 in