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SOTONIGHT | So Solid Crew, Oxide & Neutrino @ Switch Southampton | May 2016 - Allstar Garage Session: So Solid Crew (Romeo + Lisa Maffia) Oxide & Neutrino FooR BUY TICKETS

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The So Solid Crew reunite for one night of garage classics at Indigo2 this March 21st 2013 - Tickets for the event go on sale Friday 18th January. See Asher D, Megaman, Lisa Maffia, Oxide & Neutrino, Romeo, Harvey and more - a real treat for the old skool massive!

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In Conversation With The Women Of U.K. Garage

Ms. Dynamite, Lisa Maffia, and the voices of “Movin’ Too Fast” and “Flowers” reminisce on the genre that defined a generation.

Singer, rapper and So Solid Crew member Lisa Maffia- Black dad and half Italian mum.

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Lisa Maffia Photos Photos: Justin Bieber: Never Say Never - UK Premiere