{{{Thursday Tease: June 9, 2016}}}  Today's visual tease and inspiration is this photo of the lettuce sea slug (Elysia crispata)  https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Elysia_crispata  I can imagine a sculptural beaded necklace or bracelet. ;)  Time to finish setting up the booth.  Enjoy!  From Lisa Kan.

This beautiful electric blue creature is a sea slug from a tropical coral reef

Painting is a portrait of a lady smiling subtly with her hands crossed. She has smooth, white skin and is centered against a landscape background.

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Image result for melissa francis

Image result for melissa francis

What took me so long to do a another sea post? I think I forgot the breath-taking variety and beauty in our seas.

weird underwater beastie // me encantan estas cosas

The Nudibranch - A Colorful Ocean Creature. The name nudibranch comes the Latin nudus, which means "naked" and the Greek brankhia, which means "gills".

Cyerce is a genus of sacoglossan sea slugs, a shell-less marine opisthobranch gastropod mollusks in the family Caliphyllidae.

Paige: our character's storyline is based on their species having Light embedded in their body somehow - because they live in nice darkness. The Krad want to destroy the inhabitants so there is always eternal darkness.

Ceratosoma Trilobatum nudibranch - photo by Ludovic, via Flickr;  at Minahasa Utara, North Sulawesi, Indonesia

Big Ceratosoma Trilobatum Nudibranch - Ceratosoma trilobatum is a species of colorful dorid nudibranch, a sea slug, a shell-less marine gastropod mollusk in the family Chromodorididae.

Donut sea slug from Bali, Indonesia, by Alexander Mustard

donut nudibranchs: Bali, Indonesia: Alexander Mustard via Lucille Otto

Sea Slug (chromodoris kuniei - nudibranch) ~ By Artefax Jericho

Sea Slug (chromodoris kuniei - nudibranch) ~ I have beads that look like this.shes a beauty.