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Double SILVER PLATED Gold or Silver Double Nose Ring/ Lip Ring Fake... (£2.62) ❤ liked on Polyvore featuring piercings, jewelry, makeup, accessories and lips

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I want spider/viper bites, monroe, labret, dolphin bites or the shark bites cx

Everything you wish to know about Spider Bites Piercing

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Earring,Double Earring, Ear piercing, Fake ear cuff,Conch,Tragus Piercing, Fake Tragus Piercing, Ring, Piercing

SILVER PLATED Fake lip ring.Fake lip piercing.Ring. Gold, Silver,Black,Antique Brass Lip Ring Fake Piercing/HIGH quality wire(Non Tarnish).

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Untitled We Heart It ❤ liked on Polyvore featuring piercings, jewelry, accessories, lips and makeup

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Body piercing jewellery - multiple facial piercings - silver clear crystal - inverted labret - philitrum medusa lip piercing - septum ring clicker - double nostril nose piercing stud

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25 Of The Most Kissable Lip Piercings

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