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Can You Match The "Gossip Girl" Character To Their Storyline?

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Ashton was getting ready for you guys' wedding and was having Calum do his hair. "Do you like this one?" Calum asked Ashton. "Hmm," Ashton replied, thinking about it. He put his hand on his mouth, making it look like he was thinking really hard. Calum laughed. "Decide already! We only have two hours left!" Ashton laughed. "Okay, okay! Yes I like this!" "Good! Now let's get it to stay!" He said spraying a bunch of hairspray in Ashton hair. "Gosh, is that enough?" Ashton laughed.

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Naughty Dean Look followed by Adorable Dean Lip Biting? Oh, my god, I give! I'm not made of stone, you know!

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Eddie Redmayne's most stylish looks (and a few fashion faux pas)

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NO NOT THE LIP BITE!! You know you are killing every single girl in the 5SOSfam now, right? - Calum spam cause it's his birthday #HappybirthdayCalum

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