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Disney’s The Lion King: The Musical

The Lion King Broadway Musical. I saw it in Mandalay Bay in Las Vegas and it is fantastic. I felt like I was watching Lion King for the first time.

Tony award-winning musical based on the Disney animation classic, coming to my town next year! Hope I can see it!!!

Theology in "The Lion King"

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It's the circle of life. The Lion King Musical

The Lion King Musical. Im doing the jr version of this for a small theatre company and im playing rafiki.

Lion King - Broadway . . . one of the best I've ever seen :). She was AMAZING!

The Lion King

Originally a male character in Disney's The Lion King, Rafiki was rewritten as a female in the Broadway adaption.

The Lion King costume: Pumba the Warthog. Child size. Need the costume fast? Message me now, and well spring into action for you. This is simply

The Lion King costume: Pumba the Warthog. This is simply the best childrens Pumba costume - so easy to wear.

Zazu from The Lion King on Broadway- I absolutely love how they still act through facial expressions! It's so easy just to let the puppet be the center of attention.

Zazu from The Lion King on of the most amazing productions, filled with puppetry, shadow work, and so many other things that make Africa BE on stage.

The Lion King

The Lion King

Once in Madison, WI once in Atlanta. The Lion King Playbill Covers on Broadway - Information, Cast, Crew, Synopsis and Photos - Playbill Vault

students performing The Lion King

so these are a very stylized (rather than realistic) looking wildebeests. If costume team does these, we need to work with Sue to match her styling - realistic or "art-sy"?

A must see for my 1st NYC trip with Mark and Austin

The Lion King

The Lion King TICKETS - Broadway — Experience the circle of life as Disney’s beloved film comes to eye-popping life onstage