Tony award-winning musical based on the Disney animation classic, coming to my town next year! Hope I can see it!!!

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Lyceum Theater, London I saw the Lion King in this theater while on a visit in October 2004. Was GREAT!

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Zazu from The Lion King on of the most amazing productions, filled with puppetry, shadow work, and so many other things that make Africa BE on stage. :-)

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The Lion King - I remember seeing this as a kid and being so freaked out by all the costumes. Now it seems really cool

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Theatre Fact: The stunning Lyceum Theatre was fully revamped from 1994 to 1996. With rich red and gold, its auditorium was designed beautifully.

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This form of tribal paint was used to warn off any other tribes and distinguish your tribe from the next. This paint is made to look menacing and scary. The designers of The Lion King have done an amazing job of making this tribal paint look realistic, but appropriate enough for children. I think the costume is so well made. The colours of the face reflect the colours used in the costume. i love all the textures in this costume, all the wooden elements and the beads.

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"The Lion King" - I did see the OBC of this amazing show. And I have said since the opening number alone is worth the price of the ticket.

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Lion King Musical - never been to the west end, I figure this would be a good show to lose my west end virginity with !

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