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Touchscreen Wall Mounted Family Sync & Home Control Panel

We have a calendar that is updated monthly with events but it is done manually. We also tend to forget things we have ran out of or other minor chores. In this age I thought it was much easier to have a sync'd calendar and notepad type system that can be accessed with mobile devices but I wanted to have a neat way to display information to keep our family in sync. It also had to be something large and visual that can be seen on the way out the door as well as being easy to use, so it had to…


Touch Screen coffee table DIY with 32" TV and low cost CCD sensor

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Build a Raspberry Pi-Powered Linux Laptop That Fits in Your Pocket

Raspberry Pi Handlheld - Make a handheld Pi based computer with keyboard and touch screen. Runs Linux, or course.

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Future security threats and the explosion in amateur cybercriminals

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Blue screen of death? It could be malware

Cisco Talos Blog: Vulnerability Spotlight: Remotely Exploitable Bugs in Memcached Identified and Patched