This seemingly simple design on the nails looks attractive with the black designs on a white background. The vertical lines can make a nail look really long.

55 Stripe Nail Art Ideas

The sophisticated nail polish dilemma black or white or maybe both? The Fall Winter nail art trends call for .

White and Gold Lines Design with Gel Nails.

35 Elegant and Amazing White and Gold Nail Art Designs

Minimalist white and gold nail art design. The nails have white polish in the background and thin strips of metallic gold on top forming an x pattern.

Painting stripes on nails - I knew there was an easier way to do this, I just didn't know how.

I'm grabbing some tape right now. She Draws Lines On A Piece Of Tape And Starts Cutting. Seconds Later, Her Nails Are Flawless.

Makeup Ideas: Blanc mat Stiletto Nails Clous d'amande Faux par nhqofficial

You can't go wrong with white nails and an accent in your favorite color! Try it out with nail polish (Beauty Nails White)



Gray and yellow nail art combination. Paint on thin yellow v-lines on top of your matte gray nails and make a statement in fashion.

35 Gray Nail Art Designs

Gray nail polish with thin black French tips. A very classic looking nails art that you can easily recreate and pant on just about any season. The Classic Gray Polish When you talk about nail art, you would notice that… Continue Reading →

Every girl likes apply different nail art designs to their nails. Here is a step by step tutorial on how to apply nail art design at home along with videos.

How To Do Nail Art At Home?

Blueness Colorful Phosphor Powder DIY Nail Tips Glitter Wheel Manicure For Nail Art Decorations

For a minimalist take on striped nail art, cross your white nails with single black lines. See more at NailCentric.  -

8 Subtle (and Oh-So Simple!) Nail Art Designs

The Force is strong with this DIY manicure! Get your nails ready for a voyage on Star Wars Day at Sea with Disney Cruise Line. Click to learn more about these sailings!

The Force is strong with this DIY manicure! Get your nails ready for a voyage on…



These very simple, yet elegant nails are one of the new hottest trends of nails for 2013 so far. They are very minimalistic with a white plain base, and a simple black strip/line right down the.

Aren’t you totally bored of that single nail color on your hands and toes? We know you are! You thought we didn’t know what’s going on in your head? We

100 Best Nail Arts That You Will Love – 2017 - Page 3 of 100

“Our Korean-beauty correspondent, of visited one of Korea's most famous nail gurus to discover the coolest nail trends in…”(Thin Hair Line)