What a fun way to get your class lined up quickly and quietly! This compilation of 24 Songs and Chants makes lining up fun and easy. They come on 6 bright


Here are some free songs/chants to use when lining up your class! I find that a fun song naturally cuts down on chatter and negative line behavior. It's hard to talk when you're busy singing!

“1, 2 listen and do; 3, 4 face the door; 5, 6 fingers on lips; 7, 8 line up straight; 9, 10 let the quiet walking begin.” 5 Quick Hallway Transitions for Kindergarten {Free Printables}

5 Quick Hallway Transitions {Printable

1 2 listen and do 3 4 face the door 5 6 fingers on lips 7 8 line up straight 9 10 let the quiet walking begin. 5 Quick Hallway Transitions for Kindergarten Free Printables

"Line Up Survival Kit” filled with several fun ideas, songs and chants for lining up...$

Line Up Survival Kit - Chants, Rhymes and Good Ideas

Christy A Are your students struggling to line up quickly and quietly? Well this “Line Up Survival Kit” is here to save you! It’s filled with great ideas, songs and chants to get your class lined up and moving quietly around the school!

Hallway Songs for Kids- these 10 songs and chants are a great way to transition to lining up for the hall! Click through to get the free printables!

Hallway and Lining Up Songs

When I was a teacher, it was always a bit difficult getting the kids to line up at the door and stay quiet in the hallways! I found that music and chants helped with calming the class down and prepari

Establish your classroom routines using these creative line up songs and chants. Help students breathe and take a break with the silent brain break chants. Best for Preschool - 2nd graders. A Forever Freebie! Enjoy these line up songs sung to familiar

Freebie: Elementary Classroom Songs and Chants-Line Up, Br