Cheeky Home, basée aux États-Unis, conçoit de la vaisselle à la fois en papier et en porcelaine dans le but de moderniser l’art de la table et réunir à nou

Fine Lines Porcelain Dinnerware Collection par Cheeky Home

All the latest Surface Trends at Surface Design Show 2016

Emperor Hex from Grestec Tiles (stand is a terracotta, encaustic effect tile incorporating many on trend styles including geometric patterns.

letter forms rather than lines and circles

ALBERTbook masters graduate projectMoholy-Nagy University of Art and to my late Grandfather, experimenting with graphic design and typography.

Dibujo tinta | ink drawing, Joaquim Francés

The verticality of the lines describing the buildings, emphasises the narrowness of the street.

Rustic chic white lined texture wedding cake accented with pink roses via Katherine O’Brien Photography /

50 Amazing Wedding Cake Ideas for Your Special Day!

Rustic chic white lined texture wedding cake accented with pink roses; Featured Photographer: Katherine O’Brien Photography


Love the contrast in stripes and pattern with colors that are different but fit together thematically. Also love the lose comfortable fit of the pants. Don't like the ruffles or the boat neck.

Art project: using lines to make texture...simple but looks awesome! Great for Upper elementary and middle!

Art project: using lines to make texture. Great way to liven up landscapes! Perfect for Upper elementary and middle school age kids!