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White Chocolate, Raspberry & Pomegranate Pavlova

White Chocolate, Raspberry

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Champagne Truffles on the Half Shell

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White Chocolate Cupcakes with Lindor Truffle Chocolate inside

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FamilyFun's Treat of the Month

This snowman snow globe—inspired by an idea in Elise Strachan’s new book, Sweet! Celebrations—is almost too cute to eat! 1. Melt 3.5 oz. white candy melts and place 1 Tbs. on the inside of a mason jar lid. 2. Set 1 coconut truffle (we used Raffaello brand) in the melted candy and refrigerate to set. Then place ¼ tsp. melted candy on the coconut truffle and glue a second one on top. Allow to set. 3. Use the same technique to attach a white chocolate truffle (we used Lindt’s Lindor) ...