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Is our revolution here?

If energy healing could be made into tablet form, drug manufacturers would get interested quickly. We are already in the midst of a very slow shift in medicine, propelled by consumers who are seeking out complementary medicine practitioners in record numbers. It’s been a long time coming, but the quantum biological revolution is almost here. The medical establishment will eventually be dragged, kicking and screaming, full force into the quantum revolution. -Dr. Bruce Lipton


Bradley Cooper’s film Limitless is top of the US box office takings list

Limitless - Bradley Cooper in an action thriller as a burnout writer who becomes addicted to drugs that open up access to 100% of your brain and simultaneously kill you. I'm not gonna lie - I had fun. Great review here:


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Nootropics: The Real Limitless Drug After watching the film Limitless, I fantasized what it would be like to take a real version of NZT-48 to optimize my brain function. We already know that we can enhance our noggin’s performance by multiple lifestyle methods and techniques such as deep sleep, meditation, nutrient-rich foods, and particular supplemental agents.