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Tuna with coconut, chilli, mango, apple and lime

Peter Gordon's vibrant ceviche recipe is bursting with vibrant flavours. Chunks of tuna are marinated in lime juice and served with mango and coconut. It is quick and easy to prepare and makes a wonderful dinner party starter.

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Cuba Libre Cocktail Recipe

The Cuba Libre cocktail is made from cola, rum and lime juice. This cocktail is sometimes referred to as Rum & Coke in many countries. Depending on where the drink is served, lime juice may or may not be included.

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Margarita Cocktail Recipe

The Margarita is a popular cocktail made with tequila, triple sec and lime juice. The drink is sometimes served with salt on the rim of the iconic glass named after the drink, which is similar to the cocktail glass but steps in, creating a “well” at the bottom.

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Cocktail Friday: Black Cherry Bourbon Cola Smash

Black Cherry Bourbon Cola Smash Cocktail: black cherries + bourbon + cherry brandy + lime juice + cola to top up (or ginger beer, soda water)

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Limoncello- Gin Cocktail... Taste Tested!

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Cosmopolitan Cocktail Recipe

Another modern classic is the cosmopolitan which features citrus vodka (also known as vodka citron) and cranberry juice, along with a touch of triple sec (the official recipe calls for Cointreau, but any quality triple sec will do the job!) This cocktail should be served in a cocktail glass and can be garnished with a slice of lime to decorate.

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GIN AND TONIC These classic ‘n fresh lollies will quench your thirst and cool you down… Serves 10 700ml tonic 45ml gin ¼ lime, juiced A few slices of cucumber Mix together the tonic, gin and lime juice then pour into your moulds over the cucumber slices. Easy!

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Guinness Black Magic Cocktail

Guinness Black Magic Cocktail – bourbon, Guinnes and blackberries; the perfect cocktail for St Patrick's Day

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Snowball Cocktail

How to make a traditional snowball cocktail with Advocaat, lime juice and lemonade. The perfect drink for getting into the festive spirit this Christmas.

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Henrick's Summer Mule (with gin, St Germaine, lime juice, mint leaves, cucumber & ginger beer)

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Shepherd’s pies with sweet potato mash recipe

Piri-piri is a spicy Portugese marinade made from chilli, lime juice and spices. It works with meat, fish or here with juicy chicken thighs. Serve with a crunchy, herby cabbage and carrot coleslaw.

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English Garden Cocktail - 2 shots of Gin ( or more if in need of something stronger) - 2.5 shots of Apple Juice - 1.5 shots of Elderflower Cordial - A squeeze of Lime and a slice of Cucumber - Stir well and then serve overice

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Heal your gut and reap the anti-inflammatory, analgesic, and antioxidant benefits of these Flu Busting Citrus and Turmeric Gummies. (Paleo and gluten-free)

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Anna Jones’ soup recipes get the year off to a fresh start

Anna Jones’ soup recipes get the year off to a fresh start | The modern cook | Life and style | The Guardian

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Raspberry Mojito

Impress friends and family with this stunning raspberry mojito. Start with a layer of mint leaves, lime juice and sugar, then half fill the glass with crushed ice. Pour over rum and layer crushed raspberries at the top. Top with soda and garnish with a sprig of mint. Find more Waitrose cocktail recipes on our website.

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Transitioning from junk food to healthy food (almost) painlessly

From junk food queen to healthy and lean, we show you how to make the transition (almost) painless! Let’s not lie to ourselves: junk...

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Lime Ice Cream

Lime Ice Cream Makes 1 litre Prep Time: 5 min Ingredients 300ml double (heavy) cream 200ml full fat milk 397g can sweetened condensed milk 120-150ml freshly squeezed lime juice (3-4 limes) Instructions Whisk together the cream, milk, condensed milk and 120ml of the lime juice in a large bowl until smooth. Taste, and add more lime juice as required. Cover the bowl and chill for at least a few hours until very cold then freeze in an ice cream maker according to the manufacturers instructions.

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Berry Salad with Honey Lime and Mint Dressing

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Love lemon? You've got to try this yummy recipe for Lemon Mousse with Strawberries. Makes a perfect light dessert for Spring!

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