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Goat's cheesecake with red onion jam

Goat's cheesecake recipe with red onion jam. Amazing savoury cheesecake idea for a canapé dinner party


Chateau de la Foret - was built by architect Desire Athois Limburg. The abandoned castle has 344 windows and is surrounded by 62 acres of land. It now belongs to the children of the Count d’Ursel Aymard. The descendants cannot decided on a single owner and the castle has begun to fall into decay. Moulbaix, Arrondissement of Ath, Belgium.


Byzantine-bling: Cover of the Staurothek. Reliquary for the wood of the True Cross, Limburg. Enameled and jewelled (ca. 948-959). Cathedral Treasury, Limburg an der Lahn, Germany


Limburg or Lower Rhine, circa 1530, SAINT BARBARA, gilt and polychromed walnut Estimate 150,000 — 200,000 GBP SOLD. 341,000 GBP Sotheby's