This post taught us the even the greatest potter heads cannot spell lily potter.

Best Ever Harry Potter Collection

What the Harry Potter books thought us. (Ron's though. you can overcome lack of confidence with confidence. lol ron is so much more than that)

Harry Potter - James, Lily, Hermione, Harry, Ron and Sirius (Source: @ thejilyship on tumblr)

this is adorably cutteee jily forever.though the grammar is horrendous lol

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She wouldn't actually hit her, but she would be mad. This is assuming wizards and witches can go visit muggle heaven.

james and lily - hogwarts staff meeting and an overly invested Dumbledore. Love it!

james and lily - hogwarts staff meeting<<The only way he could get Head Boy.

Harry Potter - James, Lily, Harry, Sirius, Snape and McGonagall (Source : @transfigurationprodigy on tumblr)

And Eve has one too. Because you know that they are the ones who ended up taking care of her if they lived.