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I've written more posts about my beloved Lily Jade diaper bags than any other brand because I'm that much of a super fan of the bags, the company, and their mission. I've had the pleasure of meeting the owners in person and they are some of the kindest, most salt-of-the-earth folks I've ever met .One of the most frequent emails I get is to ask, "which Lily Jade should I get?!" ...


Lily Jade Diaper Bags = Hands free + Hearts full (Premium leather, backpack convertible) Click to find yours today!


How to use your Lily Jade Diaper Bag after your babies are out of diapers! Making the most of your investment! by Ashlee Proffitt

The Rosie bag from Lily Jade is stunning--with an amazing, classic shape and made with premium full grain leather. Insider secret: It's also a diaper bag--with over 16 (!!) pockets to keep all your baby gear perfectly organized!!

Lily Jade diaper bags (yes! that IS a diaper bag!) are with you for the long haul. They provide order with their 16+ pockets and the ability to have your hands free (it converts to a backpack!)... AND it looks amazing & classic. You will be using your Lily Jade before baby is here...and long after they are out of diapers!