lilo and stitch quotes - wouldn't say we're broken but were little and we do pretty darn well on our own :)

Lilo and stitch quote- Man I love this movie and I never will forget what ohana means!

Lilo and Stitch Quote ART PRINT illustration 3rd by SubjectArt

For sale direct from the artist Original Art Print of Lilo and Stitch Quote Edition) illustration created with Mixed Media and a

Disney Lilo and Stitch - Tears. Lots of tears. Pinning A LOT of LILO and STICH pics. Idc I'm obsessed!!!

Disney Challenge Saddest Moment: Lilo and Stitch, particularity this scene

Cuando peleas con tu hermano

i would love to get this as a friendship tattoo. id get the frame, have stitch with "Touching Me!" and my friend could get Lilo with "Not Touching.