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Lilly Langtry


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Though today we'd scarcely bat an eye at the image of a pregnant celebrity, during the Victorian era it was rather uncommon for a women (be she famous or not) to be photographed (as stage actress Lilly Langtry was here in 1880) when she was in the "family way."


lillie langtree British actress and the fasination of Judge Roy Bean


Lilly Langtree- (1853-1929) Was an English born actress. Judge Roy Bean was her biggest fan.


Lilly Langtree. Actress. Born as Emilie Charlotte Le Breton at St Saviour's rectory, Jersey. She married Edward Langtry in 1874 and they moved to England, where they became established in London society. She had affairs with Albert, Prince of Wales, (the future King Edward VII) and Prince Louis of Battenberg (father of Earl Mountbatten of Burma) with whom she had a child (not the Earl). Unsurprisingly her marriage broke up and she embarked on a highly successful career as an actress.


Edward, Prince of Wales's first 'official mistress', Lillie Langtree, their affair lasted from 1877 to 1880. The tiara features many diamond pinnacles, alternately topped with flower heads and honeysuckle on a band of diamonds.


Jenny Seagrove as Lilly Langtree in Incident at Victoria Falls