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Sparkling Lillet Rouge Punch

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Redheaded Ginger

Redheaded Ginger: Lillet Rouge and ginger beer join together for a simple yet satisfying aperitif.

If you've never had the aperitif known as Lillet Rouge, you'll want to know that it's fruity, complex, and satisfying in its own right. Essentially a red wine that's fortified with a dash of quinine, as well as orange and other fruit liqueurs, it can be enjoyed over ice with an orange slice for an ultra-simple tipple.

Bootsy Collins

Bootsy Collins (Vodka, Lillet Rouge, Lemon Cocktail) Recipe | SAVEUR

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Cranberry and Lillet Rouge Sorbet

Choose firm, deep red cranberries. Firmness is an indicator of quality that farmers use themselves, and deep color means more antioxidants! Transform them into a tart Cranberry Lillet Rouge Sorbet! From @Serious Eats Sweets, found at

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Lillet, My Love (a Gin Lillet Rouge cocktail). Gin, Lillet Rouge, clementine juice, lime juice, Angostura bitters. Garnish with orange peel.

Watch the Super Bowl in style with this Sparkling Lillet Rouge Punch. It's light, refreshing and easy to make. Now that's what we call a winning touchdown!

Redheaded Ginger

Slow Down With a Redheaded Ginger