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Lilith Astrology - Lunar Apogee, Asteroid & Ghost. Oh Lilith, why are you whispering forgotten words to me? Am I a sacrifice or I sacrificed you? In between shining Sun luminous Moon, you have been waiting for me for a long, long time, may be too long.

Black Moon or Lilith is part of Astro-psychology :it is the moonspot in your radix which is most distance from the earth. It means you can not wear any mask or find ways of protection , -also subconcious levels ,you are completely 'naked' there, so most vulnerable. (How to Find All the Lilith's(= Black moon) in Your Birth Chart AstroFix)


Rare Book "The Dark Moon Lilith in Astrology" by Ivy M. Goldstein-Jacobson, SIGNED, Astrology, Occult, Metaphysical,Antique Book,Spiritual

Rare SIGNED Book The Dark Moon Lilith in Astrology by Ivy M. Jacobson Third Edition, 1969. Signed by the author.


Ereshkigal- Babylonian/Sumerian queen of the underworld. When Ishtar/Innana descended into the underworld to rescue her lover, Ereshkigal required her to leave a garment at each of the seven gates.


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