"if peter piper picked emm..i bet chu biggie bust emm..he prolly tried ta f'k emm..i told him not ta trust em..lyrically..i dust em off like pledge..hit hard like sledge hammers..bITCH wit that platinum gramma"

How Lil’ Kim flipped sexuality on her iconic debut

"if peter piper picked emm.i bet chu biggie bust emm.he prolly tried ta f'k emm.i told him not ta trust em.i dust em off like pledge.hit hard like sledge hammers.bITCH wit that platinum gramma"

Lil Kim (feat. Puff Daddy) - No Time (1996)  *This song samples Vicki Anderson's - Message From The Soul Sisters

How Lil& Kim and Foxy Brown& Debut Albums Changed the Roles of Female MCs

Lil Kim. Calling the shots in her sex-game.  Controversy aside, Hardcore is a classic.  #1996.  #yougottaridetoit

Lil kim - My bitch! Nikki Minaj will never have nothin on this real street bitch!

Lil’ Kim & Puff Daddy (Live At The Tunnel - 1996)

lilkimuk: “Rare: Lil’ Kim & Puff Daddy (Live At The Tunnel - ”

Lil Kim ft. Lil Cease - Crush On You <3! (Ohhh this is my song even though it came out when I was a baby lol)

Lil' Cease - Crush On You. What the hell happened to Lil' Kim's face recently?

Lil Kim and Lil Cease

Why you count yo jewels thinkin I'ma cheat you , the only thing I want to do is freak you ( Crush On You ) .