valerie poxleitner (LIGHTS) #musician

valerie poxleitner (LIGHTS) Going to see this pretty girl this weekend with the boyfriend!



Nesta quarta-feira, dia 27, o Inferninho Chique, na Lapa, recebe o Bailão da banda Fino da Xepa

MPB, manguebeat, guitarrada e jazz estão no Bailão Fino da Xepa

Why'd you have to go and turn to ice?

I found out about lights a few years ago and actually found out about BTF a few years after but I.never realized they were married until 2 years ago.

Life~ Untitled

saxophone - Debra Hurd Original Paintings AND Jazz Art: John Coltrane Jazz Painting ART Original Oil

Vintage Snare Drum Table Lamp Musicians Lighting by LitforaQueen

Vintage Snare Drum Table Lamp- Musicians Lighting

Jan Hillebrand, the barpianiast, plays in the centre of The Hague every week... Photo by Kyman Cheng on Flickr

Street Musician Jan Hillebrand, the barpianist plays in the city center of The Hague every week.

this is like if brendon urie was one of top

At The Disco Fun fact: this was the first band/musician poster I ever got