Sparkler Writing | Have some fun this Fourth of July with Sparkler Messages! Think.Make.Share, a blog from the Creative Studios at Hallmark, will teach you how to use your cameras to create memorable photographs as you write with sparklers! This is such a cool photo idea that can be used for all kinds of specials occasions—like engagements, weddings, baby announcements, and gender reveals!

How to write with sparklers: An easy July 4th Party Idea

Since "photography" essentially means "writing with light," it seems especially appropriate for slow shutter speeds like these.

Slow shutter speed photography

Funny pictures about Slow shutter speed photography. Oh, and cool pics about Slow shutter speed photography. Also, Slow shutter speed photography photos.

Light writing world map

Michael Tompsett Light Writing World Map Canvas - This gallery wrapped art piece features a world map in light writing.

Cityscape Light Drawings by Michael Bosanko - very awesome

At night the neon creatures came to life. Write a short paragraph about the events they got up to over one evening. Cityscape Light Drawings by Michael Bosanko

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Fire Poi Typography - Letters took about 30 hours to create. Each letter was made and photographed many times to get the shapes correct. Nir Tober created this for part of his portfolio for graphic design school.

light writing with the dramatic flair he usually saves for writing criminals names in his deathnote

I keep laughing at this. Ghad death note, you make me laugh and cry.

Jessica Kranz Photography can add a special effects sparkler "light writing" photo into your wedding package in central Ohio. Ask how!

5 Quick Tips on how to get great photos with sparklers: Buy 3 minute sparklers/wind resistant lighter Check sunset time.

A | Man Ray, "Space Writing (Self-Portrait)", 1935. Ray used a long exposure to capture  the passage movement of his pen light. The lines of light trace Man Ray’s free-flowing movements. The light writing invokes the concept of automatic writing, one of the first means the surrealists used to express the unconscious.

1935 In this series 'Space Writing,' Man Ray became the first artist to explore the technique of 'light painting.' Man Ray mainly.

Light/Writing Patch in Black - I wouldn't make it look so homo though!

When you need additional organization and quick access to your pen or flashlight, the Light Writing Patch is the perfect accessory from Tactical.