The Falkirk Wheel—As the centrepiece of The Millennium Link, the project to reconnect and regenerate the Forth & Clyde and Union canals, The Falkirk Wheel is hailed as a monument to the skills of modern engineering. Created to replace the flight of eleven locks that originally connected the two canals, the magnificent 115 ft Wheel is made of steel with two giant caissons each capable of carrying up to four boats at a time.

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With our RATIONELL waste sorting system, you can separate your recyclables right away in your kitchen. Simply open your cabinets or drawers and toss in scraps as you work. The bins are easy to lift and carry, and lids lock in odors.

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Chain hoist is a widely used manual hoisting machinery which is easy to use and carry.

Chain hoist is a widely used manual hoisting machinery which is easy to use and carry.

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Why Patients Choose Physiotherapy Associates: "Thank you to all the staff of The Rehab Center in Lancaster. When my doctor suggested physical therapy I had my doubts. My shoulder was hurting so much I thought I was going to need surgery. After six weeks with you my shoulder is doing great. I'm sleeping through the night. I'm able to lift and carry things at work that I couldn't for the last six months. My home exercise program is working great. You guys are the best!"

When I saw this, I knew that my search for my bouquet was over. I planned on using my personal besom for the broom jump (lift) anyway, so now I will be carrying it with me. I put black rooster feathers, peacock feathers, roses made from book pages, and ribbon that matches our handfasting cords. This is an awesome idea; but I'd still like a flower bouquet! ..LOL DIG 2....

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Lift-off of the Saturn V rocket, carrying astronauts Neil Armstrong, Michael Collins, and Edwin "Buzz" Aldrin Jr, along with 6,700,000 pounds (3,039,000 kg) of fuel and equipment into the Florida sky, bound for the Moon, on July 16th, 1969. (NASA)

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