Moving Checklist: How to Minimize the Stress of a Major Life Transition

Your mental state can really affect your physical body and moving can cause a lot of extra unnecessary stress: Minimize Your Stress With This Moving Checklist:

How to Prepare for Post-Grad Life - Time's ticking until graduation! Are you ready for the next step after you graduate? Although post-grad life can seem intimidating, if you prepare well enough, it will be a smooth transition! Find out how you can get ready for this next stage in life!

COLLEGE CHRONICLES: How to Prepare for Post-Grad Life

Are you coming up on any big life changes soon? Doing these two things will help you to face those changes with joy and confidence!

Two Things To Do Before A Major Life Transition

If you'll be experiencing a big life change soon, these two things to do before a major life transition will help you to move forward in a healthy, joyful way.

The greatness that's about to occur | Honoring life transitions via

Honoring Life's Not-so-Smooth Transitions

Transitions can often be stressful, however God is always in control. Here's a encouraging Prayer during a transition. | (scheduled via

This prayer is asking God to calm your nerves and help you when you are facing something new. I will pray this to God specially during this time that I am looking at colleges and getting ready to pick the school I will attend.

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How To Deal With Major Life Transitions

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New Sibling | When words fail you—or your teenager tunes them out—it’s helpful to have someone else’s. “The beauty of books is that kids can be self-reflective, without the anxiety they might feel talking about their own situation,” says Pauline Jordan, Ph.D., a child psychologist in Greenwich, Connecticut. Consider this expert-recommended list a learning library for every age and stage.

45 Books to Get Kids Through Life’s Trickiest Transitions