Growth coaching model. not just for athletics either. a lot of people could learn from this

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The Socratic Process! Great Life Coaching Tool #coaching #MotivationalCoaching #CoachingProfessionals

The Socratic Process - 6 Steps of Questioning (infographic). This is so simple and so effective at the same time.

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The Secret Movie

Remember "RAIN" - Mindful How to be more mindful. Use RAIN as a means to bring out your natural compassion and mindfulness. This article is beautiful and describes my meditations perfectly.

Wheel of life. One of the most useful goal setting and prioritising tools. It's been around for a while and yet still to be topped.

From Deanne for work/life balance: Previous: A helpful model to pinpoint areas that need to grow, & gauge how far you've come! The Wheel of Life is an excellent coaching tool.

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Dont Miss This Awesome Blooms Taxonomy Wheel ~ Educational Technology and Mobile Learning . This might be helpful in sounding down Bible Truths.