Knowing you're being lied to is worse than being hurt by the truth, because some truths only make you angry while being lied to destroys your trust.

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Absolutely true and a poor excuse and cop out. It's more like you knew I would be pissed and you feared it so you lied by omission only to create what you feared!

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They hurt you and they act like you hurt them - -

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never again, now that you know, show him what hurts you, what means alot to you, never give him even a tiny shard of your heart, he will use it to stab you to death

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Lies hurt no matter if they are coming from a friend or a loved one. When you trust someone with all you have and they break that trust with lies it is like having the wind knocked out of you.

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You may not have liked my truths.. but I didn't lie.. YOU LIED horrible LIEs about Me to make others HATE me.. TRUTH PREVAILS! bitch.

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