20 Facts About Headlice - Headlice are so common that phrases like 'nit picking' and 'lousy' are part of our everyday vocabulary. Yet despite one in ten school children catching head lice every year, they remain a rather taboo subject with many parents.


20 Facts About Headlice [Infographic] For future reference. Hopefully I won't need it!

Lice/Nit removal

Just in case one day.Coke to rid lice good to know if it ever happens. Lice is serious and we don't…

Lice Home Remedies: 1.Salt Water 2.Coconut Oil 3.Nit Comb 4.Mayonnise 5.Tea Tree Oil 6.Apple Cider Vinegar 7.Olive Oil 8.Listerine 9.Cetaphil Treatment ..

Lice Home Remedies and Natural Treatment: Water Oil Comb Tree Oil Cider Vinegar Oil Treatment. Baby oil Oil Shampoo and Lime.

Head lice and nits remedy. How to get rid of lice with unique homemade treatment and removal.

11 Great Home Remedies To Get Rid Of Head Lice And Nits

nice Head lice and nits remedy. How to get rid of lice with unique homemade treatment.

Non-chemical DIY lice remedy. I was told years ago that lice don't like coconut.  For that reason alone my girls always shampoo with coconut shampoo and never get lice (even when the school has had outbreaks).

How to Use Coconut Oil: 28 Ways to Incorporate It into Your Beauty Routine

For future reference. Hope I never have to use this! Apple cider vinegar and coconut oil to kill head lice. Natural head lice treatment without harsh chemicals.

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for FUTURE reference.How to treat lice! How to prevent lice! You may have all of these household items laying around your home. Safeguard yourself and kids before they invade! How to treat and prevent lice!