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Finally made the sign for Graphic Novels that has been in my head for two years, inspired by this Graphic Novel sign,

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Non-Fiction Dewey Decimal Library Signs

This file includes 10 high resolution word cloud images for each of the Dewey Decimal System ranges (000 - 900). Each image displays the Dewey number in large red text, surrounded with gray scale words that describe the topic of books students will find in that Dewey range.You will need to unzip this file to access the 10 .png files.Once unzipped, the images can be printed as posters for library signage or as handouts for library/classroom activities.

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"This would be awesome classroom decor. I might put this one on the back wall of my classroom. But it Needs Platform 9 3/4."

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Sign for biography section of my library made with discarded books and book pages. I cut the letters from the pages and a dark blue. I glued these to the front of the books and then used Gorilla glue to glue the books to a 1x4. Last step was to screw two books onto the end to hold the sign up.

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