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Knowledge is power. Read books, read articles, read the news.

You know when your a bookworm when your ultimate goal in life is to have your own special library in your house

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And as soon as my daughter moved out. I started measuring and planning wall lined shelves in her room.hmmm even i didnt realise my ultimate goal lol

Os livros da estante ♥ The books of shelf #Livros #Books

Not all women dream to fill a shoe rack.

Imagine hanging out here drinking tea and read :)

Book Truck bookmobile seen in Tokyo and Yokohama

The Books.  I've given myself no rules other than to be finished before 2015. Feel free to make suggestions below!

Challenge yourself with Reading Bingo 2014 (pictures)

doubledaybooks: “ Don’t know where to start with your reading resolutions for Why not take to your Reading Bingo card? (via Reading Bingo Challenge ”


Seuss quotes for reading area

"We read and we read and we read and we read. We couldn't get enough of those books, and we soaked up every word as eagerly as a sponge. You could go to the library and struggle to find a spot to sit. But it was always quiet and always peaceful. We were all in awe at the endless supply of books." -Rory Lee

(Open, I'm her.) The bibliophile walked through the narrow shelves, in the bookstore that no one ever visited. She found a book that she had been wanting to read and climbed on the shelf, sitting between the two.

Bookshelves and their treasure. by the Picsees ( Books cute pixies reading

We're big lovers of books. Have you seen our range of creative yet educational books aimed at children of all ages?

A collection of vintage #posters that teach how to use the #library

These iconic vintage posters teach how to use the library (pictures)

Vintage library posters from 1965 designed by Cynthia Amrine

First and most important criteria for my future home: Have a huge bookshelf.

Thank you guys so much for over you're simply the best ❤️ here is the promised celebration (today from a little bit of a different perspective) ✨ - I finished Prince of Thorns last night and I'm now currently reading How Hard Can Love Be?