Sagittarius Woman with Moon in Libra - Your Moon sign points to the emotional side of your being. It's where you feel comfortable at the end of the day. - Although I need and enjoy my me time, I do find myself socializing when breaking from work. Moon in Libras will make decisions at work and then want to turn off their work brains at home. - Tune into your astro links at

THE WORLD OF ASTROLOGY: Moon in Libra- Sounds like me, sun in cancer, moon in libra. I sound more like my moon sign than my sun sign interesting

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Well, that explaines a lot, considering mine are: Sun: Sagittarius Moon: Aquarius Mercury: Sagittarius Venus: Capricorn Mars: Aries

Virgo - yeah I even keep sweets at the side of my bed for cry times

I'm a Sagittarius, but I act more like a Capricorn, Taurus, Gemini, Libra mix

ℓιвяα ♎️Sun Mercury Jupiter - Virgo Neptune Uranus Rising - Cap Moon node - Sag Venus - Libra Saturn - Aquarius Pluto - Scorpio Mars - Gem Pluto - Scorp

Mine are Sun: Taurus Mercury: Gemini Venus: Gemini Mars: Gemini Jupiter: Cancer Saturn: Gemini Uranus: Aquarius Neptune: Aquarius Pluto: Sagittarius rising: idk Lilith: Pisces Midheaven: Cancer Asc Nodes: Libra

Anatomical representation of a zodiac birth chart.  Sun, Mercury, Jupiter - Virgo  ||  Neptune, Uranus, Rising - Capricorn  || Moon, node - Sagittarius  ||  Venus - Libra  ||  Saturn - Aquarius  ||  Pluto - Scorpio  ||  Mars - Gemini

Anatomical representation of a zodiac birth chart. Sagittarius be true though~ Them thighs are their everything.

Virgo Sun, Sagittarius moon, Cancer Rising... really, are they watching me? smart watches -

For libra that is so true for m so don't like seeing people sad or depressed I go into like full cheer people up mode

::☀️Aquarius Sun, Scorpio Moon, Rising Capricorn, Venus in Pisces, Mercury in Aquarius, Mars in Capricorn •

“I am a peacemaker, but my emotions are rather vivid. I think in an artistical way, but express my energy in an abiding way. In love, I seek devotion. I take on the role of the comedian.

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When you have a beautiful personality, your beauty within shines on the outside too.

Kinda true bout a Cancer!!! We do get loud!!!! And are sit down drunks at 1st.

ZODIAC SIGNS and BEING DRUNK Capricorn True! Pisces This is exactly why I stick to my limit of one glass without food and two with! However a true Pisces can get drunk on the atmosphere alone, so who needs alcohol ?

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ℓιвяα ♎️- Fun facts about your Zodiac here - Check your Zodiac love…

How to Understand a Libra Moon Sign

How to Understand a Libra Moon Sign

Does your partner go crazy if his or her life is out of balance? Is your partner devoted to your partnership; Is your partner's Zodiac sign any sign but Libra? Your partner probably has a Libra Moon.

Libra Moon Sign Emotions

Libra Moon Sign people are the peacemakers, as they can't stand to be at odds with anyone. They also usually have a dimple somewhere (check)!