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Libra Love Horoscope Today

Libras are naturally polite and considerate people until you say something to just make them snap.

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When you care for someone, it's hard to switch off if there is the slightest thought there's anything wrong.

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Libra ya but after a while when they feel that they are not needed anymore they relaize that they matter too.

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Libra...SMH living this right now. ..the same ppl who can find me EVERYTIME they need anything ALL forgot my birthday.

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Especially when you insist on messing with someone I love.

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We like to observe and take notes so that if you hurt us one too many times we won't end up forgiving you one too many times

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Sassy to the teacher...not so much don't see the point but the being late one I feel on a spiritual level lmao

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I do remember one asshole who was particularly stubborn why I tolerated him so long I'll never know

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